Main Objects: The main objects for which the Society are established are as follows;

a. To propagate, advance, transmit and spread the objectives of the society hereafter described and the doctrines and observances that serve to promote and manifest the same through appropriate and ecologically sound living and farming practices, establishment of retreats for those interested in the objects of the society, and the distribution of literature for the same purposes. All activities will be conducted on a non-profit, non-sectarian, and charitable basis for the social upliftment and welfare of all persons regardless of cast, community, nationality or creed.

b. To preserve and protect the delicate Ecological balance between the virgin forests of India and the increasing human population through organized seminars, field trips, demonstrations, exhibitions, and workshops, etc.. With focus on involving the people living in and around the forests to maintain the ecological balance by preserving the flora and the fauna, reforestation, and to rehabilitate and protect existing forest reserves.

c. To research, teach and demonstrate sustainable farming, agriculture, perm culture and horticulture practices aimed at a sound ecological relationship between man and nature.

d. To present and assist others to adopt alternatives to petrol chemical, non-organic fertilizers and pesticides thru scientific use of composts, companion planting, crop rotation, organic inputs, natural pest control etc. by holding seminars, printing literatures, and practical demonstrations.

e. To take up rural development programs including programs for promoting social, educational and economic welfare and/or upliftment of the people in the rural areas regardless of cast of community.

f. To advance and propagate education among the poor and the destitute persons regardless of cast, community, or creed by establishing, maintaining and supporting traditional institutions of study including schools, colleges, professorships, lectureships, and prizes for the promotion and propagation of academics, philosophy, Sanskrit, sculpture, architecture, art, dance, music, drama, astrology, etc..

g. To give medical relief to the poor and destitute persons regardless of caste, community or creed and to establish, maintain and support by provision of funds or other means medical institutions and organizations such as hospitals, dispensaries and clinics.

h. To establish, maintain, or assist in the establishment or maintenance of dairy facilities which are appropriate to an ecological balance in the village environment, as well as cow sheds, pasturing grounds for the purpose of cow protection, increased milk production, disease resistance, and distribution of improved breeds to selected farmers. As well as to teach and demonstrate the advantageous of a vegetarian diet.

i. To form, organize and encourage others to form and organize youth forums, clubs, and organizations, to train youth in order to teach the ecological principles herein mentioned and instill morality, character and higher intelligence.

j. To accept any gifts of properties, movable, and immovable and donations in cash or kind and to obtain grants of lands and buildings and other gifts, permissions, and exemptions from any persons, government, quasi government, corporation or body and/or any municipal and local body, companies, societies, whether in India or in foreign countries.

k. To do or cause to be done any and all such acts or things as shall be conducive to the social, economic, cultural, educational, spiritually ethical, civic or physical welfare of the people requiring assistance from the society.

l. To provide or institute fellowships, scholarships, professorships, lectureships, stipend awards, prizes, remunerations, and/or other similar payments to students and research scholars in furtherance of the main objects of the society.

m. The Society shall not utilize any portion of the funds for distribution of dividends or profits to its members. However, the office bearers may for their services rendered be paid such sums of monies as may be determined from time to time to be a conservative remuneration for actual services rendered.


Bev Society Registered Office: Garuda Guha, Kollur, Udupi Dist, Karnataka, India - 576220
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