Bev Society is a non-profit society dedicated to developing a prototype self sufficient community, which grows part of its own food, takes care of its livestock and at the same time gives the oppurtunity to the surrounding community for a livelihood and means to prosper in knowledge as well as economically, by principles of ecology and preserving nature around us.

Information on Personnel :

BEV Society has a host of personnel that aid in its humble endeavor to help Society. There are many volunteers and persons that help BEV in its services. You may write to us at for details of personnel/volunteer activities.

Ancient History of Site:

The historical significance of the site of the Bev at Kudachadri Mountain is elucidated in the ancient epics such as Mahabharata, Ramayana and Bhagavat Purana. The incarnation of Lord Rishabadeva had the specific purpose of re-establishing varnashram in this world as a system of governance. The present site on the side of the "Kutakachala" mountain is the exact spot where Lord Rishabadeva left this mortal world in a forest fire.

This Kudachadri mountain is also reputed to be the topmost peak of the mountain carried by mighty Hanuman containing the sanjeevani herbs that revived Sri Ram and Laxman. The Narasimha Purana gives an exacting description in the Sahyadri Mahatmya and hallows this spot as the adored adobe of Lord Vishnu in this world and equates all the water tirtha's with the sacred Ganges River in potencies. The location is non-different from Vaikunta Dhama in this world. Other various descriptions are also elucidated in numerous holy scriptures hallowed by millions. They call the sacred forests surrounding the site as a "siddhi kshetram" where all perfection's can be quickly achieved 1,000's of times faster than when performed in other places. Lord Krishna & Rukmini, Shankacharya, Lord Rama & Laxman, Garuda, Agastya Rishi, Kolla Maharishi, etc. all performed pastimes in this sacred place. The forests that surround the lands are known as the sporting gardens in this mortal world of Ambika, the Divine Mother of the Universe.


Located in Shimoga District, Sagar Taluq, in the southern state of Karnataka in south India. 160 Kms from Mangalore Airport. 100 Kms from Udupi Krishna Temple. On the side of Kudachadri Hill situated in Sahyadri Mountain range. 45 Kms from Arabian Seacoast. 40 Kms from NH 17 the Bombay - Kerala Highway. 70 Kms to closest railway station at Kundapur. 18 Kms from the popular Kollur Mookambhika Temple Town . Well connected by road, air and rail.

Brief physical description:

The site is a self-contained cool mountain valley on the seaward side, 2,000 feet above sea level, surrounded on all sides by 500,000 acres of National forest land. The forests abound with over 64 natural medicinal herbs, hardwoods, numerous wild fruits, honey and colorful wildlife. There are approximately 50 acres of fertile terraced valley lands interspersed between pasturelands and forests. All the lands can be irrigated by perennial gravity flow water 365 days of the year. Dams, water canals and other irrigation facilities are intact. Exotic fruit trees, flower bearing trees, and ayurvedic medicinal trees of diverse variety have been planted in the surrounding high lands. The location is a popular International vacation spot with waterfalls, mountains, caves and temples, which are easily accessible by local mountain trekking trails.

Why We Need Your Support:

Everything that we wish to do, everything that we wish to fulfill needs resources and manpower. We want to help the poor and needy, we want to save the environment, we want to help nature just as you do. But by ourselves it is just to Herculean of a task. Let all of us come together in our own humble way so that we can benefit humanity and enjoy the joy within us.

You are always welcome to pay us a visit while you are in India. We will be more than glad to let you into this small endeavor that makes a lot of difference. It is our world, our society - Lets come together for the cause.

Bev Society Registered Office:
Garuda Guha, Kollur, Udupi Dist, Karnataka, India - 576220
Phone: (+91) 9448489862 | Email: