Health and Medical Relief

A recent but direly needed aid for health program has been embarked upon to study, research and apply ancient principles of Ayurvedic and natural medicine. A part time charitable clinic and dispensary is periodically running and is soon to be full time when sufficient funds are available.

Steps are on for the permanent establishment of a out patient medical clinic. Ayurvedic and medicinal plants have been planted and research is being done for their use according to ancient texts and qualified practitioners in the field. Use and propagation of natural extracted oils has begun but is still in the fledgling stages.

Qualified Doctors and medical facilities are offering their services in nearby towns and cities. Patients are being transported to SCS Hospital, Devi Kripa Nursing Home, Muniyal Ayurvedic Hospital, And Acharya Memorial Hospital for free treatment, operations and other medical requisites.

Medical camps are organized periodically with local humanitarian groups, hospitals and individual doctors for inoculations, free eyeglasses and general treatments.

Veterinarian services are provided for local cows, injured wildlife, birds and domestic animals.

General Objectives

In a perspective of sustainable development, to contribute to the autonomy of local communities in regards to their health care needs.

  • To promote and safeguard the world's therapeutic patrimony.

  • To distribute health care in partnership with the local traditional medical practitioners and other community workers.

  • To promote and support the local traditional pharmaceutical concepts.

  • To encourage the local medicinal plant transformation, biological agriculture and the setup of community gardens.

  • To participate in local hygiene and health education.

  • To work in respect of the local way of life, traditions and cultural values of the communities.

  • To participate in the certification of biological farming and medical products and fair trade.

  • Specific Objectives
  • Community based education sessions on public hygeine and family medicine.

  • Creation of community gardens of medicinal plants.

  • Aromatherapy and distillation of medicinal plants for the production of biological essential oils


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