From Down Under, with over 40 years of extensive travel and administrative position in India. Senior Spiritualist with expertise in business import/export, Horticulture Major and Gourmet food distribution.

A Monk by profession, he has been studying various sacred literatures of India and has been serving various non-profit organizations in his quest to help society.

A Business Management Graduate with Degree in Computer Application and minors in music & art, who serves at BEV in fields of organization, design and communication.

A Psychology Graduate from the University of Madras. She has been in service of BEV for the past 7 years and serves as the Society's Secretary and liason for minor Government work.

He has been extensively travelling and implementing various projects in South East Asia for over 25 years. He has expertise in fields of Agriculture, horticulture, education and alternative community building.

A teacher by profession he now lives in India. He has had a lot of experience in the field of children education and has been participating in world wide beneficiary activities for more than 35 years.
Amilton Moreira

Master Musician descending from line of ancient Vedic Masters with specialty in Vocals and Keyboards. Certification in fine arts. Presently touring Europe for promotional seminars in cullinary and Vedic Tradition.

He studies and lives in India and has been doing beneficiary activities for the last 10 years and volunteering for BEV the past 4 years.

Damodara Moreira

I. A. Santana.

Bio Coming soon....

German born with over 35 years experience in India. Yoga/Ayurveda therapist. Accomplished Cowherd-Cow protection master.

Parasurama is brazilian,born in new gokul SP, has been living in india for 5 years. He is a graduate in accounting, and still studies at the vedic academy. His interests are goshala (Cow protection) and agriculture.

Volunteer, Artist, Project Developer, Estate Manager, and Book Distributor. Transcendental Globetrotter who now lives in India and devotes his energy to Alternative Energy resources and Community Development projects.

Publisher and Graphic Design professional. Has been living in India for 5 years. Student of Sanskrit and is involved in rural development projects. Active participant in groups advocating the depollution of Ganges and Yamuna rivers.

Ananda - Student Volunteer-presently studying in Mayapura Chandradoya International School- Oxford affiliate. Expert in design, computer techs and group organization.

Note: Any Personnel/Volunteer not listed on the personnel page above is not authorized to accept donations of any kind on behalf of the Society. Please contact Bev Society to report such an event. Thank You.

The contributions that you make are termed as charity. They are being used for a non-profit, registered organization. You will be issued a receipt and tax-deductible information. All donations specified for specific purpose and cause will be utilized 100% as per the wishes of the donor towards Bev's Activities. Your contribution is greatly appreciated, Thank you!

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