More than 836 million adults in the developing world are illiterate, according to surveys by UNESCO. Around the world, one of every eight children is not enrolled in primary school, and more than one third of adolescents are not in high school. It is no coincidence that the vast majority of these unschooled youngsters and illiterate adults can be found in the poorest countries on earth, and India is one of them.

To the rural farmer that lacks roads on which to bring his produce to market, to the child who works instead of learning to read and write, to the young adult for whom a university education is only a fantasy, competitiveness means only one thing: losing. So we don't compete while giving education- we cater to the educational needs of every particular child. Compassion and solidarity are necessary to temper the competition of our open economies so that those who are unable to compete are not left out altogether.

There is truly no end to the uses for education and technology in today's world. We encourage you to explore your role as educators and trainers, business leaders and development professionals, in making the precious resource of education available to all those who need it.

No dream is too big; no step is too small. Put your talents and your resources to work to spread knowledge, and you will surely be rewarded one hundred-fold. Best wishes for a successful dream....

About Bev School:

Bev Village School is situated at Vollur Valley, Sagar Taluk, Shimoga Dist. Karnataka, South India. The school is charitable and is run by the Bev Society. It has been running successfully with growing reputation for the past 18 years.

The school is surrounded by beautiful forests of the western mountain ranges of South India, making it an ideal seat of learning. The school is at the foot of the famous hill station and pilgrimage center of Kudachadri. Situated at a remote corner of India, it aims at giving education to those children who unfortunately never would have had the opportunity to go to school even for the most basic of education since the closest school is over 10 kms away with no road access.

Poverty is the main cause of malnutrition among underprivileged kids. Bev has therefore also provided them with nutritious lunch, medical aid and clothing. There has been good progress in the past 15 years and this school has emerged as a most accredited school of acclaim in the region. We can boast a record of 100% pass percentage without a single failure student in its whole life of existence while the state average is 40% failures.

Not only does the school concentrate on the academic advancement of the children but also to find and develop the individual strengths of each child. Each child is an individual and given personal attention. The individual development talents of the children include art, Sanskrit language (the world's oldest language), clay modeling, drama, drawing, painting, music, tribal culture and folklore research, moral education, yoga, sports, organic planting methods, environmental awareness, etc.. Students in this school are 1st rank prize winners in state level competitions of extra curricular activities.

Each child's individual tastes are discovered and given due support and guidance as to make an outstanding individual whom each one of us can be proud of.

Details of School children:

No. of Students: 57 plus 4students in out facilities
6 in University Level Scholarship and Sponsorship Programs


Principal, Chairman, Headmaster.
Staff: 6 teachers
2 cooks, 2 maintenance engineers.

BEV Society is a host for various volunteering organizations such as WWOOF and 7interchange. Persons who are not registered with any of the organizations may also volunteer following the same principles.

Note: Any Personnel/Volunteer not listed on the Personnel page is not authorized to accept donations of any kind on behalf of the Society. Please contact Bev Society to report such an event. Thank You.

Bev Society Registered Office: Garuda Guha, Kollur, Udupi Dist, Karnataka, India - 576220
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